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Mentoring365 Circles is a free-to-use, peer to peer group mentoring program that will help you build skills and grow your network around common interests and objectives.

Depending on the size of the Circle, some groups will be discussion based while others will function like workshops. Each Circle is facilitated by a lead member who is responsible for creating a plan, fostering engagement among members and ensuring the group achieves its goals. 

Since our launch in 2023, we have had over 1000 members participate in Circles such as Policy 101, Publishing 101, Science Communication, and Grant Writing. See below for past and current circles.

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Ongoing & Past Circles

Pubs 101 - Creating and Writing Your First Paper

Are you thinking about publishing your first scientific paper?

In this Circle, you will learn about the basics of writing a scientific paper and an overview of the publishing process. We will cover various publishing topics such as selecting the right journal, writing and structuring your paper concisely, common mistakes when submitting your manuscript, how to navigate the peer review process, and how you can promote your paper.

We will also provide information about AGU journals’ Open Science initiatives, such as guidance around Open Data requirements and Open Access publishing. Learn about the scientific publishing process and best practices for submitting and writing your first paper.

Presented by AGU
Preparing for the Applied Geophysics Workforce  

We are exploring the pathway to securing a job in this sector whether it be finding advice on what courses to take in university, what to include (or what not to include) on your resume, and what sort of skills prospective applicants should be seeking prior to starting their entry level position.
In this circle, we want to hear what burning questions applicants have about the geophysics industry job market and get those answered by hiring managers and other professionals in the near surface geophysics industry.

Presented by EEGS
Using Multimedia for Science Communication

This Circle is back by popular demand and will introduce participants to multimedia for science communication. Science communication (SciComm) and outreach allows you to increase your research profile, become a scientific resource in your community, break down barriers to scientific literacy and build an ongoing dialogue with people you interact with daily.
This circle is for those at any experience level interested in communicating science to wide audiences using visuals, audio, video, and more types of media. Discussions will be focused on best practices, technical details, the importance of incorporating storytelling and much more!

Presented by AGU

How to Be an Effective Mentee  

A good mentoring relationship can provide individuals valuable insights and assistance at any stage of their careers but can be particularly beneficial for students and early career geoscientists. This circle will explore the many advantages & various types of mentoring relationships available, how to seek out and find a mentor and provide mentees with tips for how to get the most out of a mentoring relationship. Participants will walk away prepared to jumpstart their mentee journey.  

The Circle will be comprised of several presentations on key topics, followed by discussions and posted readings for discussion. Input and questions from the Circle participants is highly encouraged. Topics will be expanded and/or added as the discussion evolves from participants.

Presented by AWG and CEGA

Want to start a Circle?

Anyone interested in connecting others around a topic can start their own Circle. Mentoring365 admins are available for guidance and technical support. Contact administrators and reach out to our team here.