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Mentoring365 Circles

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Mentoring365 Circles is a free-to-use, peer to peer group mentoring program that will help you build skills and grow your network around common interests and objectives.

Depending on the size of the Circle, some groups will be discussion based while others will function like workshops. Each Circle is facilitated by a lead member who is responsible for creating a plan, fostering engagement among members and ensuring the group achieves its goals. 

Since our launch in 2022, we have had over 1000 members participate in Circles such as Policy 101, Science Communication, and Grant Writing.

Find out how to join Circles and enroll in the next session! 


How to Join

1. Build Your Profile

Begin by joining Mentoring365 as a mentee and building your profile. It only takes a few minutes!

Sign up and Join!

2. Discover Circles

Once you’ve joined the platform, go to the Discover tab to see browse current circle offerings. Each Circle has its own topic, structure and schedule which can all be viewed in the description.

3. Join & Participate

Join the circles you’re interested in, get approved via email, and start connecting with your peers! You can join up to 5 circles at a time.

For more information see our FAQ -  Circles page.


Energy and You

Open Now to Register – Conversation Starts 15 September 2023

The world of energy is constantly adapting and changing to keep up with advancements in technology, climate initiatives, and the push for sustainable energy. Within this ever-evolving sphere, there lies a unique opportunity for individuals to not only witness but actively partake in the unfolding energy transition. In this circle we will touch on the impact of the energy transition that might be seen in society, our careers, and to us as individuals.
Moreover, this circle offers a unique vantage point into the personal and professional opportunities that arise as we steer towards cleaner energy horizons. The chance to connect with experts, thought leaders, and peers who share your passion for a sustainable future is invaluable.
This circle will feature a live talk by Brad Hayes focusing on the “Global Energy Transition” on 1 October. More information to come!

Navigating Career Transitions

Open Now to Register – Conversation Starts 11 September 2023

In today's rapidly evolving scientific landscape, the realm of career opportunities within Earth and space sciences has undergone a transformative shift from the traditional paths of the past. As emerging technologies, interdisciplinary collaborations, and global challenges reshape the field, the significance of adeptly navigating career changes cannot be overstated.

This Mentoring365 Circle serves as a crucial platform, offering a unique opportunity to delve into the intricacies of successful career transitions. By participating, you'll be a part of the discussion on insights, strategies, and connect with a supportive community to guide your journey through these dynamic changes.

Join our Q&A discussion on 21 September from 2-3 PM Eastern. This is your chance to ask your questions live! Presented virtually via Zoom.

Want to start a Circle?

Anyone interested in connecting others around a topic can start their own Circle. Mentoring365 admins are available for guidance and technical support. Contact administrators and reach out to our team here.

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