About Mentoring365


About the Program

The purpose of Mentoring365 is to advance the Earth and Space Science (ESS) community by connecting participants through one-to-one and group connections.

By providing a free-to-use platform that accommodates both virtual and in-person mentoring, Mentoring365 can connect mentors and mentees from around the world and at any career stage. This global access brings new opportunities to build connections, regardless of where an individual is located, and to gain new experiences and perspectives by connecting with others.  

The program is founded by the American Geophysical Union (AGU), in partnership with other science organizations and affinity groups across the globe, whose mission is to promote and exemplify an inclusive scientific culture. Together, we are committed to building a stronger, more inclusive, and diverse ESS community - by supporting individuals through all stages of their Earth and space science careers, with mentorship as a key component of that professional development.

We are grateful to all of our partner organizations for their critical support of science career mentorship and this program. See below and discover Mentoring365 partner organizations.

Interested in becoming a partner or want to learn more? Contact us here. 

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