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Mentoring365 connects students and professionals with others in the Earth and space sciences to exchange ideas, create connections and build a more inclusive scientific community. Hear from our members on their mentoring success and how mentorship connections enrich mentors and mentees alike.

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I was extremely struggling to conduct my research in this pandemic because my original research plans required lots of traveling, field and lab works. Now, I cannot follow my original plan at all, I had to brainstorm to see what I can do with the available data I already have. My mentor guided me what I can do with this limited data by juggling fancy statistics. I truly appreciate my mentor and also everybody who is organizing this program. Thank you so much!

 – Mentee in Mentoring365


After working together session after session, [my mentee felt they were] able to tackle obstacles, successfully presented their results at the AGU Fall Meeting, is finishing the final draft of a paper for their PhD dissertation and proactively applying to fellowships and research partnerships for advancing their career and finishing their PhD.

– Mentor in Mentoring365


Great platform to meet people and establish mentoring relationships. My experience was very successful [and I had] an amazing mentor who was experienced and who I met with often. Would definitely recommend this to a friend.

 – Mentee in Mentoring365


Great platform to help connect [you] directly to an expert in the field... and good experience on how mentoring can change [your career growth].

 – Mentee in Mentoring365


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