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Welcome to Mentoring365!

Join us now to develop professional connections with others in the Earth and space sciences who can help you advance your skills.


Mentoring365 matches students and early career professionals with experts in the Earth and space sciences (ESS) to exchange ideas, create connections and build a more inclusive ESS community.  

Effective mentorship benefits everyone involved. With Mentoring365, mentees can connect with more than 400 mentors with a wealth of knowledge to help them thrive as ESS professionals. Mentors develop leadership skills while lifting up a younger generation. 

Your mentorship experience can be customized to fit your own needs and availability. 

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Mentoring365 Circles 

Mentoring365 Circles is a new peer group learning program that will help you build skills and grow your network around common interests and goals. You can find a community in topics like science communication, careers outside academia, science policy, professional writing and more. 

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Mentoring365 is committed to maintaining a safe, supportive and inclusive environment for all. This experience starts by verifying the identity of all new members through affiliation with a partner society or a background screening. Mentoring365 staff is available at any time to respond to any issues.

Mentoring365 mentors and mentees are directed to a library of resources on topics including:
  • Confidentiality in mentoring
  • Creating change as a leader
  • Challenges facing women leaders
  • Ethical issues in mentoring
Keeping growing your skills to lead and participate in a diverse, inclusive, and just ESS community!

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