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FAQ - Mentoring365 Live


Mentoring365 Live is the in-person compliment to Mentoring365. Find us at scientific meetings and conferences around the country and sign up to exchange professional knowledge, expertise, skills, insights and experiences through conversation and collaborative learning.  

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Program Questions

Can I be both a mentor and a mentee?

Yes, you can. You can request to be both a mentor and mentee during your initial application to the program. 

If you have already joined the program, you can apply for the additional role of mentor or mentee with your account. Apply by clicking Join at the top right of this page and enter the email address associated with your Mentoring365 account. Alternatively, log into your account, then apply here or contact the administrators for assistance.

How do I get connected with a mentor/mentee?

First complete your profile with information on what help you are looking for or can assist in. 
Mentees will be recommended a few mentors that have experience in the areas they are looking to receive feedback. They can also browse through the list of mentors and send a meeting request to a preferred mentor. Take care not to overly limit your pool of mentors by narrowing the type of background a mentor has. Many skills are applicable across multiple disciplines. The most important facet of mentoring pairs is a personality match rather than similar professional backgrounds or interests. Check the Mentoring365 Live resources for more guidance.

Mentors will receive meeting requests from mentees and be able to accept or decline based on their availability and ability to provide mentorship. Check the Mentoring365 Live resources for more guidance.

How long will I be meeting for?

We ask our mentoring partners to meet for at least one 30-minute mentoring session during the conference. Mentors and mentees are welcome to schedule more sessions throughout the conference or join in Mentoring365 (the virtual year-round mentoring program) and connect there. Mentors should work with their mentee to determine what kind of support will be most useful—navigating the conference, general career advice, information on higher education, networking, personal encouragement, and so on.

Relationship is not going well, or I am concerned about my mentorship, what should I do?

We encourage you to contact your mentoring partner to let them know about the situation. Contact the program administrator immediately. We will provide our full support to resolve the situation in a positive and satisfactory manner. 

Are there any potential risks to me or my institution?

No. It is not appropriate for mentors to engage in any business transactions with their mentees; instead, the relationship should only involve the flow of general information and advice.

Platform/Technical Questions

If I forgot my password, how can I retrieve it?

On the Login page, click the Forgot password link under the Keep me signed in checkbox. Enter your registered email address and click the Submit button. Instructions to reset your password will be emailed to you.

How do I contact the administrator?

Logged in: Click the Contact Admin link in the panel on the left of the page OR click your profile picture on the top right then click Contact Admin. Enter the Subject and Message and click Send Message. Alternatively, click here to contact administrators.

Not Logged in/No account: Click Contact Administrator at the top right of the page, provide your Name and Email , enter you message and click Send Message. Alternatively, click here to contact administrators.

Can I reply to a message from the mentoring program by email?

You can reply to messages via email and your reply will be routed back through the program. Your reply will be posted in your inbox, and the recipient will be notified by email. Attachments/files cannot be sent via reply to messages, please directly email attachments or log into the platform to send attachments or files.

What browsers are supported?

Mobile device: You can visit Mentoring365 on your mobile browser or download the Chronus app in the Apple or Android store.  
Web browsers: Mentoring365 works on the following browsers.  

  • Internet Explorer (IE) Version 11 – Click here to download the latest version 
  • Mozilla Firefox Version 30 and above – Click here to download the latest version 
  • Google Chrome Version 40 and above – Click here to download the latest version 
  • Safari Version 8 and 9 – Click here to download the latest version